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Monday, 25 October, 2010 - 23:31

- on emotion and the outer world.

We do feel that people who live in flat lands tend to have flat minds and flat feelings, that people who live in cubicles in public housing developments tend to have narrow, constricted feelings. We feel that the objects and landscapes upon which emotions are released can limit the range of emotions that run up against them and eventually cause those feelings to aim at only nearby things.
Dangerous Emotions by Alphonso Lingis

I grew up in a flat landscape, where the sky was a bowl above, the lines of the ditches ran down into distant disappearing points on the sweeping and circular horizon, and the wind whipped unbroken off the north sea. However, I'd like to think that, rather flattening my emotional life, that horizontal landscape made for a complicated blend of humours.

The wind was hard and cutting, to which one sets one's jaw; the fog freezing off the marsh, teaches coldness; the man-made straights of unpausing roads and diked fens are unrelenting and stiff. But then also, the giant sky towering over the land gives an expansiveness - wide open, circling, up-looking, spacious, bright, blithe. The flat lands give you all the room in the world, but it is transparent, crisp, and clear: there is no room for maundering, evasion, hiding.

And with that, I am resuming this blog. :-)

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