Science week part 2

Author: joe

Sunday, 17 July, 2005 - 23:16

Wow. Today was chemistry day. We put samples of metal salts into a bunsen burner flame and compared the colours of the flames. Then we did spectroscopy to get a more precise measurement of the different metals' spectral fingerprint. Once you can do this, you can tell what distant stars are made of. How cool.

Then we mixed up different reagents into metal nitrates, and saw which ones produced precipitate and how they changed colour. Then went on to use these techniques to assess the amount of aluminium present in drinking water. Hands-on practical stuff.

Chemistry was always my least favourite part of scince at school, but the stuff we did today was really engaging. The activities are brilliantly constructed and prepared, and the tutors are great.

Tomorrow we do the field trip on the South coast. Early start...

Connecting via mobile is WAY expensive, so sod that, I'm off to find some free wifi hot-spots in town :)

BTW - thanks to 5511 5305 in Brighton whoever you are for letting me stowaway on your broadband wireless!!

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Cool podcast - I loved hearing the sounds in the lab. Tell me more about what you're learning. xxx

Author: catherinebond Sent: 2005-07-18 17:30:01

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