Science week part 3

Author: joe

Monday, 18 July, 2005 - 23:40

Today was field trip day - a trip to Birling Gap and Newhaven on the south coast, to study the geology and ecology of the area and their relationship to each other.

Fantastic day if long and tiring... But really good experience of acquiring raw data and using it.

We looked at the geology of the chalk cliffs, the flint seams and the other rocks and soils at the top, and figured out what they tell us about the history of the area. We also examined the kinds of vegetation on the cliff-tops and figured out how the geological history has shaped the kind of plant life that exists now.

Almost too shattered to speak...

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Here's my beatpoetry of your podcast:-)

the soil affects the kinds of plants
Worn away, big pieces of flint, receding
that grow. Plants you wouldn't even think of
cliffs in the top layers above the
- you're not even walking on grass
chalk and flint, Different energy environments, You
but on sedge, sank foil and hawk
can infer from that oyster shells, strata
bit. All kinds of mad plants. Where's
and living in estuaries Shells washed there and
the evolution of the coastline. The acitidy of
Oh lignite and woodland, where is your low energy? Signs of them

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