Author: joe

Thursday, 11 May, 2006 - 23:05

I've just spent a slightly disappointing half-hour watching the new BBC Four series 'Never Mind the Full Stops' - I suppose by the name it's meant to be a Buzzcocks for intellectual middle-class wankers (like me). Basically it's the televisual equivalent of Radio 4 at 1.30pm on a very, very slow day. It did however give me the pleasure of discovering that Janet Street-Porter and David Aaronovitch don't know the correct punctuation of the impersonal genative. (That would be "its" - without apostrophe). I was also able to feel smug about finding cacophonisms mildly amusing.

For the previous half-hour, though, I think I decided that Victoria Coren is possibly the world's perfect woman. :) She would certainly provide the world's greatest father-in-law.

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