Arthur Lee: 1945 - 2006

Author: joe

Saturday, 26 August, 2006 - 01:14

In memory of Arthur Lee (1945 - 2006)

Menticulture podcast - To Arthur Lee

Duration: 6:06; Size: 4MB

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Nice Podcast Joe, sound a bit too happy for a media lecturer, chemically induced, methinks ;)

Author: AFan Sent: 2006-11-06 22:33:47

i obviously have no idea what you mean :)

Author: joe Sent: 2006-11-10 13:32:10

Arthur Lee died peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, a little after four in the afternoon Aug 3, 2006 with his wife Diane by his side. He will be missed dearly. May his soul rest in peace.

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Author: Agnes Sent: 2006-11-10 14:09:59

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