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Author: joe

Wednesday, 22 June, 2005 - 22:30

The institutional voice is all very well, but I want what's under the radar.

Art Mobs is a project which gives you not only the chance to experience art in a new way by listening to alternative audio guides, but actually invites you to create your own guides.

Look at rocketboom for 8 Jun, and then try out these guides to various artworks, especially try the Francis Bacon, 'Painting', 1946 audio guide while looking at the painting itself!

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We listened to the Francis Bacon podcast audio guide last night and it was really cool. There wasn't any speech, just sound. And I don't know if you'd have guessed, but heavy metal and distorted animal noises go pretty well with Francis Bacon.

I was thinking about how "audio guides" are always objective. How much would your experience of a painting change if you looked at it from someone else's very personal point of view? What would it be like if every time you saw the painting you heard someone else's story.

When we went to the Saatchi exhibition in London I was moved by a large art work which was a valentine card called Obsession - it had butterflies stuck all over it. It was by the guy who cuts up cows. I've had personal experience of obsession and it struck a chord immediately. Joe wasn't much impressed by the painting but I wonder how much his (or someone else's) experience of the painting may have changed with a personal audio story... or just audio sound that conveyed claustraphobia, fear, intensity and all those other emotions that come with obsession.

Author: CatherineBond Sent: 2005-06-24 17:40:48

Tell me exactly what you mean by the phrase "under the radar". It's a phrase I've been thinking about and have come to the conclusion that it could mean lots of things - grass roots, subjective, real, not mass media etc etc.

Author: CatherineBond Sent: 2005-06-26 22:00:43

It means all of those things :) in my job - which is all about media - everybody is obsessed with audience sizes and the effect of mass media on people, and the stuff that goes under the radar gets ignored. But people spend far more time interacting with their personal media - photos, emails, phone-calls, conversations, etc - than they do consuming mainstream media products. Or, at least, I hope they do :) and the stuff that goes on in these environments is far more interesting.

Author: joe Sent: 2005-06-26 22:10:57

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