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Feed fatigue

Author: joe

Tuesday, 30 May, 2006 - 23:46

Owing to a singular concatenation of events, such as Mars moving into Aquarius, a black cat crossing the grave of me in a previous life, dissertation marking and a wheelbarrow of work on my desk, I have just gone twelve whole days without reading any of the news feeds I subscribe to.

Catching up today has been cathartic (ruthlessly deleting swathes of unread feed items really helps you diagnose what you actually care about, and distinguish it from what you think you ought to care about). But it has felt rather like tunnel vision for the last couple of weeks - I realise that I miss that usual smug feeling I get when people send me emails linking to news stories I've already seen, or more particularly, when the BBC finally pick up a story the best part of a week after Slashdot or whoever. I guess I'm a bit of a git.

For the work I do, a large part of my time is spent putting together real world examples for case studies, seminar discussions, lectures and presentations. It has struck me how much pressure I do feel I put myself under to gather news stories and examples of web-flotsam, so that I have this material ready for use in teaching. Come the seminar, when I scrape a subject from my delicious links, I feel as though I have saved myself a huge amount of time; but actually I'm still spending all that time - probably more - staying abreast of a coupla-hundred RSS feeds every day.

I find it hard to consider that I might be any more or less well-informed than I was before the advent of the darned feed!

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