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Christmas Melodica

Author: joe

Saturday, 23 December, 2006 - 13:21

I must have been eight or nine, when for christmas I got a melodica, a cross between a recorder and an accordion - the bellows replaced by a mouthpiece. It was a beautiful day, so sunny and bright, and crisp, walking down the road home from church, I was a pied-piper, blasting a cacophony from my new toy.

Back home, I competed with the radio in the room whose details are just so to me but must seem bizarre. A pram hung from the back of the door. Giant red rats stuffed with cotton wool and rags. Cloth on the walls, and through the window, the bare tree, winter-blasted but basking in the sun.

The moisture in my breath condensed inside the medolica, making it gurgle, and when I got carried away and blew the thing like a herald, it trickled back into my mouth. And my dad visited, as he did faithfully every christmas, and I blasted some noise in his ear and he seemed delighted.

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