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Author: joe

Monday, 31 July, 2006 - 16:16

I've had a glut of spam comments recently, so disabled the comments. Today I added a 'Turing test' filter to the comment form for each entry - one of those dynamically generated images containing numbers, which you have to type in to add a comment.

This is far from satisfactory, since it means people who can't see the image can't write comments. So due to the spam overload, I've had to make my blog unfriendly to blind or partially-sighted people.

Unfortunately, I can't think of another way around the problem. I tried various filters which excluded comments containing certain patterns of words, or certain domains. I tried to filter by IP address, and referer. In all of those cases, though, you're always playing catch-up, and you end up spending your time being a human spam filter.

So if you are having trouble adding a comment because you can't see the image, I apologise profusely.

Spamming assholes.

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