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Author: joe

Wednesday, 17 June, 2009 - 21:42

No I haven't posted for a while, largely because of diverting all my energy to degree shows, marking, my hauntology project and more marking, of which I should be doing more even as we speak.

I am currently party to the joy of assessing PDP essays which I suspect were written with less time and effort than I spend reading them.


Anyway, I have at least managed to create the hauntology website and post some initial content there about my ongoing digital haptic narrative installation participatory story-telling embodied audio art piece, which will culminate in a week-long residency in Poole in October. More news here as it arises.

Also I have had a very stimulating time following the latest CeWQoL meeting, in which I had the opportunity to discuss with other members ideas about object-led interactive narrative installations for nursing conferences, HCI for kids with disabilities, and the definition of 'community' as it is useful to understandings of health, welfare, well-being and quality of life.

Head exploding. plus tomorrow I must call a man about Arduino and hacking workshops. mental. boom. gah...

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