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Blackboard can...

Author: joe

Wednesday, 02 August, 2006 - 20:39

...suck my balls.

Blackboard has just been awarded a patent on educational groupware.

I used Blackboard in the last place I worked, and it sucks balls badly. Nasty interface, clunky functionality, seemingly designed to make otherwise intelligent people despise computers and feel stupid. Employs a 'closed garden' model in which educators have to enrol you onto their courses in order for you to access material. The opposite of open learning. My current employer is also panning to move to it.

Stephen Downes provide a great roundup of critical reactions to the decision.

I'm particularly arsed off about it because I'm currently building some modules to provide 'educational groupware' functionality. My guiding principle throughout development is: whatever Blackboard does, do something else because Blackboard blows. Now, it's also evil.

Here's my favourite slashdot comment on the subject :)

Blackboard can suck my balls.

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