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Apoplectic frenzy of self-congratulation

Author: joe

Sunday, 02 March, 2008 - 22:52

So, that Prince Harry bloke. He's suddenly everywhere, denying he's a hero, while the media works itself into a mixture of an apoplectic frenzy of self-congratulation for being able to keep a secret, and a hedonistic binge of royalty-boggling now the cover's blown. Is anyone in this story not a wanker? The media: gobbling up the chance to appear sanctimonious and prurient at the same time. Harry: is he the rebel prince, or the noble soldier? Or maybe he's a hero? Or not a hero, just a soldier doing his job? Actually he's none of these things and less. He's a tedious fuckwit, just like every other braying ass the aristocracy of this country prides itself on producing. I imagine there was once a golden age when the population maintained a dignified silence in the face of the idiocy on exhibit here. Now, here I am making a pointless observation about an insignificant pillock prompted by a vacuous and pompous media vulturemachine. Please someone kill me.

What is particularly warped and distressing about the whole episode is the fact that Harry sees going to war as an opportunity to be a 'normal' person, while the rest of normal humanity wonders why anyone thinks going to a foreign country to kill people is a desirable activity.

With apologies to Charlie Brooker, whose book I have been reading all day.

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