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The End of History and The Trap

Author: joe

Sunday, 25 March, 2007 - 22:07

History is an ocean. Wave after wave swells and breaks. The dynamics as movement is propagated, flows eddy and peaks decline are incalculably complex. A fractilian homoiomeriety lures us into thinking that examining a part gives us the image of the whole. It is obvious that isolating instants of peaks and waves and crediting them with the cause of the whole is ludicrous. It is also clear that while every wave is different, all waves are alike, and novelty is merely variation.

The will to power is everywhere, and all power corrupts. This is not the fault of RD Laing, John Nash, Isaiah Berlin, Jean-Paul Sartre, Francis Fukuyama, Jeffrey Sachs, or even, god help me, of Tony Blair.

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