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Painting week - day 2

Author: cath

Monday, 18 July, 2005 - 21:18

I think the Dulux "Once Only" has worked, but the proof will be tomorrow in the sunlight. I've had a productive evening - my neck is hurting after staring at every inch of the ceiling, I'm covered in paint and I haven't done the washing up since Sunday, but I'm half way through the painting project so that calls for a sit down and a relax I think!
Things I learned today:
- Painting white on white has to be one of the most difficult things ever, especially the darker it gets!
- I should remember to hang my bikini top to dry after painting. It was a bit cold putting it on wet tonight, but it's better than nothing considering there are no curtains up!
- It takes exactly two hours to paint a large ceiling
- Radio 4 is a great companion, apart from banging on about Ted Heath

Tomorrow's my last day of painting - hooray!

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Painting Week - Day 1

Author: cath

Monday, 18 July, 2005 - 17:28

Sunday - I spent the whole day painting the lounge. Whoopee!

Actually it wasn't very exciting at all. What did I learn?
- It's best to paint in a bikini as it gets pretty hot painting in July
- Different B&Q people have different opinions on what you should use for primer on your newly plastered walls
- Painting in a bikini means you get paint all over your stomach
- Radio 4 gets pretty boring at around 3pm when the play comes on
- Painting ceilngs hurts your arm, especially when you burned your wrist ona frying pan last week
- Doing interior decorating during the Summer is a bad idea but once you're in there, get it over with as quickly as possible
- Find a friend to paint with to keep you company and gossip all day. Boyfriends are usually the best thing for this but mine is away playing with fire and chemicals in Brighton. Bummer.

So that was day one. Day two will involve putting all my trust into Dulux "Once only" paint. It better be!!!

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