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CEMP newsround

Author: joe

Tuesday, 07 February, 2006 - 19:06

For those of you who don't know, I work at Bournemouth University, where the Media School successfully bid for a Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching, which is now up and running as CEMP.

One of the projects produced by CEMP is a new set of community portals, including one devoted to Interactive Media. The forum is open to anyone to post commentds, or even ask for permission to be a contributor.

For some lunatic reason I volunteered to do a weekly round-up of news, which I now realise takes a huge amount of time, but on the hand, it is a good, um, discipline for me...

You can read my contributions here.

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Web Gallery of Art

Author: joe

Sunday, 06 November, 2005 - 23:10

Discovered this amazing art resource today - the Web Gallery of Art.

Nearly 14,000 reproductions of art from 1100 to 1850, artist biographies, glossary of art terms, and virtual guided tours of the gallery.

I think it's incredible :)

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