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resistance collage collective-intelligence colonisation comment spam communities of practice community competence complex complexity concentration conduct confabulation conference connection constantin stanislavski consumption conversation courante craft creativity critography crytopgraphy culture curation cut-up technique cuts cybernetics cyberspace cybertext dad danto darknet darwinism dasein database david-attenborough dayx2 death decisions decorating deep web depression depth psychology derive determinism detournement device-oriented dialectic dialogue diegesis digital disclosure distance distantiation distraction documentary dogma don chihuahua door dramaturgy drone dry humour dylan thomas dziga-vertov e-learning eco-town ecology education eidos elicitation eliminativism elitism elliott emancipation embodiment emotion empathy encyclopedia-of-life endlessly self-similar universe enemy enlightenment episteme epistemology erving goffman espionage essence estrangement ethics etienne-wenger ettore sottsass eugene rosenstock-huessy evelyn fox keller evil executant exhibition exile existentialism exotopy extensional eye faeces faith family fan fiction fascism feed feedback fens fetishism fiction file-sharing film filter finitiude finitude first fisher flat fleeting flow flowers focal awareness folk music folksonomies folksonomy forster foucault fran free freedom frege front fruit fuckwittery fundamentalism gadamer game-theory gap geldof generative genes genetics genre ghosts ghosts-of-my-life glenn-gould goffman google governmental power graffiti graham harman grammar grassroots grey grief guilt guitar guy-debord habermas hamartia harman hartman haunting hay-on-wye hayles head health heartbeat hegel hegemony heidegger hengistbury hermeneutics history history-of-madness hoarding holiday home horizon hospital human-nature humanities humanity hypocrisy idealism identity identity mobility ideology idiocy image imbecility immanence infiltration information information overload inner experience intellectuals intensional intentionality inter-disciplinarity interactive media interactivity internet interpassivity interpretation intertextuality intimacy intransitive irony j.s. bach jean-baudrillard jean-lave jean-paul sartre john ruskin jonathan sterne jorge-luis-borges journal journalism jung jurgenson karaoke kenner kierkegaard klein knowledge labour lacan landscape language latour law learning leaves-of-grass lecture leiris lethe lev-manovich lev-manovich liberal democrats liberty lifelogging linda thompson linguistic-turn linguistic turn linnaeus literature locus-of-control locus-of-origin love lover ma radio production machine machine literature male bee man man-with-a-movie-camera management manifesto manipulation mannequin market marp martin-heidegger martin heidegger marx marxism marxism 101 mash-up masterclass mastery matthew arnold maurice merleau-ponty meaning measurement media mediation medicine melancholy melodica memorial memory mental menticulture message board messiah meta-cognitive metaphor metaphysics method methodology michael polanyi michel-foucault mimesis mirror mobile mobs montage montfort mourning mucus murphy's law museum music narcissism narratee narrative narrative configuration nature nausea neo-liberal net-art network new-media news nhs nicotine nietzsche noosphere northern-ireland not-thinking object objectivity objects occasionalism old older than thou one-year-older online online learning ontology operation origin original ortega y gasset other out of touch over-intellectualisation p2p painting paper paradox parkin participation participatory media patent patrick shaughnessy paulo freire pedagogy performance perry-bard persona petouli pharmaceutical phd phenomenology philosophy photos piano pickering piracy place placebo planets podcast podcasting poetry poiesis political-economy politics polyphony pond house portal porush positivism post-structuralism postmodern postmodernism power powerlessness practice pragmatism praxis presence-at-hand present-at-hand pretence privilege production productive propaganda protagonist protest psychoanalysis psychogeography public-domain public-service-broadcasting punctuation puppet qualitative queer theory radio ralph-vaughan-williams ration raw fingers readiness-to-hand real world reality reason recording reductionism reductive reflection refusal relatedness relation religion representation research resistance resource revolution rhizome richard rorty richard sennett robert romanyshyn roussel royalty rss rupert brooke russell sarabande scent science sea sea-symphony secret self self-efficacy self-individuation self-tracking selfhood seminar sense-making set shallows shanty-town shaviro sherry turkle shipley country park sickness side-effect side-effects simulation sinusitis situated learning slavoj zizek smoke smoking snot sociobiology socioeconomic status solidarity song soul sound soundseeing source sousveillance space spam 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